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Are you searching for the best knives from top brands at great prices? Find a variety of unique, high-quality knives at Blue Creek Knives. If you want to buy knives online, you’ll love our EDC selection and collection of high grade knives and knife care products. Blue Creek Knives is owned and operated by Bryan, a firefighter retailer that specializes in new and collector-grade knives.

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High-Quality Brands For Affordable Prices

EDC stands for “Every Day Carry.” When it comes to high-quality EDC knives, you won’t find a better selection than Blue Creek Knives. Find top blade materials at amazing prices with us. We provide a curated, handpicked selection of top notch blades for you with personalized customer service. Each blade offers a unique blade composition and locking mechanism. Depending on how you plan to use and carry your EDC, you’ll find the perfect knives for sale online. Browse our collection of every day carries to buy knives online. 

Traditional Knives

Are you new to the EDC world? Traditional pocket knives are an excellent option if you’re looking for a standard knife to conceal on your person. Available in various colors and steels, you can carry our traditional knives around daily with ease. Ensure you are ready for a range of situations with a traditional pocket knife. 

Collector’s Knives

Are you in the market for aesthetically pleasing knives? Check out our large selection of Collector's Knives to display in your home or office.  

Fixed Blade Knives

Blue Creek Knives Fixed Blade collection is the perfect choice for knife fans looking for a stronger and more durable blade. Since fixed knives don’t have moving parts, they are easier to maintain and allocate for different situations than folding blades.

Cutler/Artisan Cutler

Our Artisan Cutlery is high-performance EDC knives that are innovative and well crafted. These knives are reasonably priced and crafted from some of the highest-quality materials. Artisan Cutlery knives are perfect for experienced users and hobbyists.  

Knife Care Products

It’s critical to care for your knives correctly. Keep your EDC clean, sharp, and dry to ensure it is well cared for. Properly maintain your knife with our Knife Care products. Whether you need a knife lube or a place to store your blade, take good care of it so it’s always available when you need it.

Monthly Knife Subscription

Do you want to expand your knife collection? We offer a knife box subscription for knife fans. Every month, you will receive a box of EDC treats handpicked by Bryan or community members for a great value. Enjoy the thrill of getting a surprise package from us every month full of knife brands and EDC gear you love. 

Personal Customer Service

We value the feedback we receive from customers so we can continue providing exceptional customer service. As fans of EDCs, we want to ensure you receive the highest quality products through the best experience possible. That is why our knives are shipped free with no delay. Get free and fast shipping on top brands like Petrified Fish Knives, Rosecraft Blades, Finch Knives, Buck, Spyderco, Kershaw, Hogue, Case, and more. 

Are you near Carmel, Indiana? Check out our local sharpening services. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Bryan at (317) 975-0262. We take pride in providing high-quality customer service and addressing any concerns promptly.

At Blue Creek Knives, you will find exceptional service and high-quality products for affordable prices. Buy knives online with us today!