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2023 Handbook to Finch Knives

Finch Knife Co.

Finch Knife Co. is relatively new to the knife manufacturing world but has produced knives that impress even the harshest critics. Founded by Spencer Marquardt and Steven Laughlin with the desire to bring back one's passion for the great outdoors, Finch Knife Co. knives are inspired by the youthful confidence and unbridled enthusiasm of outdoor adventures. The designs of Finch Knives are crafted with a focus on reimagining the classic flipper pocket knife styles to have a vintage look with modern mechanics.

The result has been the rejuvenation of unique new knives that the knife manufacturing community has been struggling to bring back. Finch Knife Co.'s innovative take on classic designs is anything but dull. With a wide variety of handle designs, high-quality blades, and smooth action mechanisms, Finch Knives are a force to be reckoned with, and if you don't already have one, the models featured below will have you ordering yours as soon as possible!  

Featured Finch Knives

At Blue Creek Knives, we are a proud dealer of Finch Knives, with a carefully curated, hand-selected collection of Finch Knives for sale. Knife enthusiasts may be wondering, where are Finch Knives made? Their headquarters are based in Stillwell, Kansas, but their knives are manufactured overseas by a well-respected company with the highest quality control. Finch Knife Co. produces innovative classic knives and tough, sporty knives that both make the perfect addition to your EDC collection for functionality and protection or to carry on any adventure.

Finch's classic-style knives are perfectly married with modern elements to create unique, long-lasting knives that get the job done every time. Some of our favorite models in this category are the Reciprocity Tidal Resin, Buffalo Tooth Handle, Model 1929 in Olivewood, and Model 1929 in Voodoo. The Chernobyl Ant model is another tough sport style with glowing reviews. 

Reciprocity Tidal Resin Model 

The Reciprocity Tidal Resin is a classic pocket knife with a modern twist, making it a stand-out knife with its teal swirled resin handle, 3" Wharncliffe style stainless steel blade, and bolster lock. Its outstanding design and buttery smooth blade deployment allow for excellent functionality and an eye-catching style that will enhance any knife collection.

Chernobyl Ant Glow Resin Model 

The Chernobyl Ant Glow Resin model is one of Finch's sport pocket knives with a sodbuster flipper designed to catch various types of fish. Inspired by fly fishermen's Chernobyl Ant lure that resembled an insect and proved to be an exceptional lure, this knife is perfect for EDC and a necessity for fishermen. Its cutthroat, unique shape sports a 7" overall length and 3" blade with a durable liner lock. Its blade action is smooth, and the glow-in-the-dark resin handle has a width that provides a surprisingly excellent grip. 

Buffalo Tooth Handles Model 

There are three versions of Finch Knives with Buffalo Tooth Handles model with handle options in Mother of Pearl, Jigged Titanium, and Cocobolo wood. These knives are just shy of an overall length of 7" and almost 3" blade length. The inspiration for this model comes from the magnificent American Bison that once roamed the Great Plains. These knives can't be confined to a single adjective, with incredibly sharp blades, unique designs, and addictingly smooth blade action that makes them a must-have for any knife fan!

Model 1929 

Finch Knife Co. has managed to incorporate fun into a traditional pocket knife with its modern take on vintage knives. Its Model 1929 knives are available in Model 1929 in Olivewood, which brings warmth to the steel blade, and Model 1929 in Voodoo with a smooth white bone handle. Inspired by the magnitude of the Grand Tetons and the virtue of the rangers that work there, these knives have a vintage look that is as robust as those that inspired them. With an overall length of 6", a pristine 2.5" blade, and a liner lock mechanism, the Model 1929 knives feature smooth actions and a perfectly centered blade that easily slices. 

Rediscover your love for the outdoors with Finch Knives that are thoughtfully designed to reconnect you with adventure and nature! Stay sharp with Finch Knife Co.

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