A Complete Guide to Petrified Fish Knives

A Complete Guide to Petrified Fish Knives

Petrified Fish Knives are a growing force in the knife world, providing superior quality blades in an affordable price range. Petrified Fish is a relatively new brand, but they are expanding fast and provide fantastic knives at excellent prices. We're proud to carry them in our store; here is our complete guide to these great knives.

Our Petrified Fish knives are sharp and durable, easily able to cut through rope, lines, food and perform heavy-duty tasks. Pocket knives are convenient tools for everyday essentials. Whether you need a knife for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, rescue, self-defense, or indoors for the kitchen, our Petrified Fish knives come from quality materials that will aid you in your day to day. Keep reading to learn more about Petrified Fish knives. 

Features of Petrified Fish Knives

If you know how to use them correctly, pocket knives can benefit you in many ways. Be prepared for every scenario with one of our Petrified Fish knives. Learn about the many benefits of carrying a Petrified Fish knife on your person.


While not designed to be a weapon, Petrified Fish knives are a beneficial self-defense tool. Carrying a pocket knife serves as extra insurance in a dangerous situation. Prepare yourself for any obstacle or attacker by holding onto a concealed pocket knife.

Camping & Fishing In The Outdoors

Petrified Fish knives are essential survival tools when you are exploring the outdoors. These pocket knives are vital tools to making food, cutting wood, preparing kindling, and setting up a shelter. Petrified Fish knives slice through lines and remove hooks for fishing. Whether you are preparing to cast a fishing line into a pond or going deep sea fishing, a good fishing knife is an essential tool. Petrified Fish knives are capable of cutting through even the most durable fishing lines. Did you forget to cut your bait before you left home? Utilize one of our Petrified Fish knives to portion out your bait and cut larger chunks into smaller, more manageable pieces. Once you've returned to the dock or back to your campsite, having an accessible pocket knife makes cooking outdoors more effortless than ever. Once you've caught your fish or game, you will need to clean and remove their insides. Petrified Fishing knives are vital to preparing freshly caught fish and animals to cook outdoors. Enjoy living off the land and being self-sufficient with a capable knife. 

Types of Petrified Fish Knives

Are you looking for a compact knife that is simple and functional? Whether you need a blade for the outdoors or everyday use, Blue Creek Knives provides a selection of pocket knives for you to choose from. You can use our Petrified Fish knives for numerous pursuits due to their design and high-quality materials, from fishing to self-defense. Flipper knives are more versatile than other pocket knives due to their easy one hand deployment. Purchase knife care in addition to our blades for proper maintenance.

Petrified Fish Beluga Model

Our Petrified Fish beluga knife is an excellent blade for those looking for a wide blade at an affordable price. Broad blades provide great stability and balance when cutting. The Petrified Fish beluga knife is 8.35" in length and weighs 5.6 oz and available in the color gray. For a clean matte appearance, you can purchase this knife with a sandblasted finish. Since it's designed with a smooth front and full flipper, you can conceal this knife easily on your person as you go about your day. Carry a Petrified Fish beluga knife in your pocket, purse, or jacket for easy accessibility.

Petrified Fish Victor Model

Are you looking for a pocket knife with a proper grip? Having a knife with a good grip is important when selecting an EDC (Every Day Carry). Proper knife grips ensure you have better control over your blade when it's in use. Our Petrified Fish victor knife has a strength that increases cutting accuracy and speed when handled. This Petrified Fish knife has a textured handle for added grip, lessening the possibility of accidents and preventing the blade from slipping from your hand. You can purchase this affordable Petrified Fish knife in black micarta. Black micarta is a synthetic material made with paper and epoxy resin. The Petrified Fish victor blade's overall length is 8.15" and it weighs 4.93 oz. The edge is treated with black stonewash, increasing its rust resistance. Black stonewash finishes provide a stable oxide barrier between the steel and its surrounding environment, making the Petrified Fish victor blade a durable and affordable pocket knife to keep on hand.

Petrified Fish Scholar Model

Our Petrified Fish scholar knife is a well-designed knife with a comfortable grip and unique blade shape. This blade has an overall length of 8.19" and weighs 3.9 oz. Petrified Fish  produces this thin blade in an aesthetically pleasing white with a hollow blade grind and satin finish. The hollowed grip assists the user in chopping smaller bits of food with reduced friction and enabling more accessible and faster motion while in use.

Where are Petrified Fish knives made? Petrified Fish Knives are manufactured in China.

We are a firefighter-operated retailer that provides high-end knives from top brands. We offer a large selection of everyday carry-on knives for you to choose from. Browse our collection of Petrified Fish knives on our website for more information.

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