Best Knife Subscription Box in 2023: Learn More

Best Knife Subscription Box in 2023: Learn More

Are you looking to increase your knife collection but need help figuring out where to get started? Blue Creek Knives provides the most comprehensive, carefully handpicked knife subscription box around. Our monthly knife subscription service, Knife Nerd Club, provides specially curated products to knife enthusiasts. If you are looking for a unique and high-quality knife and knife products, check out our knife subscription boxes for your 2023 collection.

Ordering a Knife Nerd Club subscription box in 2023 means more than receiving a few knives each month. Join a community of people who are equally passionate about all things knives and receive a high value box of amazing knives and great gear. 

Products Available In Our Monthly Knife Subscription Service

What is our knife subscription box? Every month you will receive a box of handpicked EDC (Every Day Carry) products from Blue Creek Knives, handpicked by owner and founder Bryan Fleck. Check out some examples of what you may receive in our monthly knife subscription boxes:

  • Knives
  • EDC Gear
  • Flashlights
  • Pens
  • Challenge coins
  • Blue Creek Knives apparel
  • Slips
  • Knife Care products 
  • Stickers
  • Specialized products from The Knife Community
  • Guest-curated Boxes from some of your favorite community members

Enjoy the sensation of being surprised every month by new products tailored to the tastes of knife nerds.


Do you want to expand your horizons on your knife collection? We provide excellent gear on a friendly budget. The best knife subscription box includes high-quality knives. You may discover our traditional knives or fixed blades in your knife subscription boxes. Expand your knife repertoire with the latest brands at a great value! Get brand-name knives delivered to your doorstep, such as:

  • Demko Knives
  • Finch Knives
  • Buck Knives
  • Bladerunners Systems
  • QSP
  • Hogue Knives
  • Petrified Fish

Knife Care Products

You may receive one of our knife care products for an affordable monthly price. As knife enthusiasts, you likely understand that proper blade maintenance is essential to ensure your safety and that the blade's quality doesn't diminish. The best knife subscription box cares about providing you not only knives but items to benefit your top-quality blade collection. Properly lubricate your knives and retain their sharp edge with our knife care products.

EDC Goodies

We take our Every Day Carry items very seriously by selecting new knives each month, but we also know how to have fun and make each monthly subscription box special. Every month, you won't just receive knives and great knife care products, but also a few fun small items like stickers, pens, challenge coins, or swag. Enjoy the anticipation and surprise that every month brings. Bryan himself selects every item in the monthly subscription boxes to ensure quality and uniqueness–and he loves when customers open their boxes and say "Wow!" not just because of their fantastic knives, but also because every box contains an extra special touch.

Interested in some EDC goodies? When you sign up for our knife subscription box, you have the opportunity to receive custom Blue Creek Knives SWAG. Style yourself in our comfortable and stylish apparel and accessories with our decal stickers provided in the best knife subscription box. 


Are you thinking of testing out our knife subscription box service? We provide various membership payments for you to choose from. Are you interested in a month-to-month membership? The Knife Nerd Club is only $39.99 per month with automated billing. Billing occurs on the 25th of every month. Each Knife Nerd Club box ships between the 25-28th each month. 

If you're a knife lover, a knife subscription box is an excellent way to acquire new EDC gear. Discover high-end, name-brand blades at an affordable price. Check out the best knife subscription box on the market , Knife Nerd Club, for more information on how to join this membership! 

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