Blue Creek Knives: Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Creek Knives: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best-selling knives at Blue Creek?

Where are Petrified Fish Knives, Divo Knives, Rosecraft Blades, and Finch Knives made? 

  • Rosecraft Blades is US based and owned. The knives are made in China by multiple OEMs. Their plan is to move manufacturing operations to the US. 
  • Petrified Fish Knives is Chinese based and manufactured 
  • Finch Knife Co. is US based and owned. The knives are manufactured in China by QSP. 
  • Divo is US based and owned and uses different overseas manufacturers for different knives. The Mash was made by Kubey in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China.

Where is Blue Creek Knives located?

  • North side of Indianapolis

Does Blue Creek Knives have a storefront?

  • We do not have a storefront that's open to the public. We plan to expand into a mixed-use space with retail, warehousing, and a sharpening shop. 

I know Blue Creek Knives is also a sharpening shop. Do you accept mail in sharpening orders?

  • At this time, Blue Creek Knives only sharpens locally in the Indianapolis area via several hardware stores and butcher shops. 

    What is Kev from Divo Knives spirit animal?

    • Polar Bear




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