Chapman Lake Knives: Born in Bloomington, Indiana

Chapman Lake Knives: Born in Bloomington, Indiana

Chapman Lake Knives

Chapman Lake Knives is a new knife company launched in August of 2022 in Bloomington, Indiana. They are trained aerospace and mechanical engineers, machinists, and full blown knife nerds. I took a short drive from the shop to visit their headquarters in Bloomington, IN to checkout their blades.

Chapman Lake Knives

American Made Knives and USA Jobs

Their amazing manufacturing facility is setup for their primary mission of carefully crafting orthopedic surgical instruments. Their precise trade translates seamlessly into creating knives. They employ Hoosiers and take pride in creating well paying American jobs. All parts of their knives are made in house, except for bearings. Those are sourced from another US company.

From CNC lathes and mills, to laser welders, EDM machines, and fiber laser; Chapman Lakes Knives has one high tech and efficient operation.

I spent about 3 hours with Ross and Brock as they walked me through every step of their process from design to precision manufacturing. They are currently doing small batches of their 3 designs. They've taken feedback from customers and made improvements with every run of knives. The fittings, hardware, blades, and scales are all USA made at Chapman Lake Knives.

american made knives

Endless Customization

After my tour, I got my own custom Chapman Lake Knives CLK1-T build. They engraved the blade right there with the Blue Creek Knives logo using their in-house fiber laser. All their knives are assembled to order using colors specified by the customer.

Coming Soon to Blue Creek Knives

We are currently in talks to become only their second dealer and have all their models in stock soon.

More Photos from My Chapman Lake Knives Factory Tour

chapman lakes knives
champan lakes knives
chapman lakes knives
chapman lake knives


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