Editorial | Finch: The Ultimate Blend of Modern and Traditional Pocket Knives | By Tim B.

Editorial | Finch: The Ultimate Blend of Modern and Traditional Pocket Knives | By Tim B.



A few years ago I was introduced to Finch knives while watching a live stream of KnivesFast on YouTube. This is the first time I had a glimpse of a Finch 1929. Instantly I was drawn to the design. It took me back to childhood memories of my grandfather carrying a Barlow slip joint. I knew that I would have to investigate this brand more. I had to have one! Shortly after, I had ordered my first Finch knife. A model 1929 in dark denim micarta became my first Finch. From the moment I got it in my hands, I knew I would forever be a Finch fanatic.

New knife days are exciting, but a Finch new knife day is something at a whole next level feel. It stirred up emotions and exhilaration that many other knives did not provide. Was it due to the memories that the traditional pocket knives provide to me? Was it that I really like the weight, action, fit, and finish of the knife? The answer is yes! Yes, to both accounts. I was instantly hooked on the Finch brand.

Since that day, I have expanded my Finch collection to include just about every model (except the elusive Tikuna!). Not only have I expanded my collection to each of the models, I have also attempted to collect each configuration of the model. It has grown into a love of Finch knives. Each model holds a special place in my collection. I have Finch knives that I carry for dress up; I have Finch knives that I carry for work. It does not matter which Finch I am carrying, I know that I will love the action, design, and quality.

With the exception of the Tikuna and Runtly, Finch is OEMed by QSP. You know the quality will be outstanding. They come razor sharp out of the box. Handle materials are always well done and eye catching to say the least. Finch knives are easy to maintain as well. I hit mine with a little Knife Pivot Lube every so often to keep the action crisp and quick. They have offered numerous different scale and handle materials including micarta, resins, wood, jigged titanium, synthetic, and natural materials. Each of the materials gives the knife a different look and feel.

The perfect blend of modern and traditional pocket knives is the best way to describe a Finch. They offer the traditional pocket knife look but with an updated design to include a locking mechanism or updated ergonomics. They are extremely comfortable to use, not to mention the perfect size for an EDC in my book. If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me to see the knife I was using because it intrigued them, I could own a few more Finches! People are always enamored by the look and style of my Finches. Knife and non-knife people alike always seem to enjoy them. I think that the traditional look to them helps to make them less scary in the eyes of those that are not knife enthusiasts. It brings back memories or ideas of their grandfathers or dads carrying a small slip joint or maybe a Buck knife. Not only are Finch knives fun to collect, but they have also helped to blossom some awesome friendships. Fellow Finch fanatics all enjoy discussing and speculating about the new models coming out, which models they enjoy most, or maybe even helping to locate one of those hard -to-find models.

As you may know, JB, BigRedEDC, is a huge Finch fan as well. We have become great friends simply due to the fact that he had a bunch of Finch knife reviews that got me over to his channel. Now, we talk almost every day. I have Finch to thank for this. This brand brings folks together, but also brings so much joy to those that carry their knives.

I know for me, this will be a life-long relationship with Finch Knife Co. They keep producing fantastic new designs in great materials with some very nice eye appeal. The best part about them, though, is that they are not just pocket jewelry. They are tough working, super slicey, cutting machines! I know that if I ha ve a Finch in my pocket, I do not have to worry about the action being sluggish or the lock failing. I use my Finches with confidence. They will get the job done time after time. They are heirloom quality pieces at an affordable price. If you have not had a Finch in your hand, I challenge you to pick one up and give it a flip.

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About the Author:

Tim B. is an active member of the online knife community and is a mod for the Reddit sub r/Knifedeals.


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