Divo Knives Mash, Blue Creek Knives Exclusive Knife

How to get the Divo Mash from Blue Creek Knives

2023 kicked off with a bang for Divo Knives and Blue Creek Knives. The Mash dropped on January 6, 2023 and sold out in 90 seconds. The Mash is the first exclusive for Blue Creek Knives and instantly became one of the hardest to acquire production knives in 2023. The Divo Knives Mash was pre-released as a surprise for Knife Nerd Club- Max Nerd subscribers and was extremely well received by select YouTube reviewers who received a Mash before the drop.ย 

The good news: there will be a second run of the Divo Knives Mash later this year. And, it will be even better than the first iteration. The second run is also exclusive to Blue Creek Knives. Want updates on the Mash? Register for an account on Blue Creek Knives and you'll get email updates about the Divo Knives Mash and other exciting drops. Also, social media is a great way to stay up to date on drops. Follow Blue Creek Knives on Instagram.

On behalf of Kev and Colin of Divo Knives and Bryan of Blue Creek Knives: Thank you for the successful Mash drop. As Kev put it, "We sold knives. We will now order more knives with your money. We keep a small portion for our hard work. Everyone wins." We'll keep bringing you cool knives and stay honest and transparent about the process.ย 


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