Knife Care 101 With Bryan of Blue Creek Knives

Knife Care 101 With Bryan of Blue Creek Knives

Every EDC enthusiast has their own routine and practices for caring for their knives. I don't proclaim to be the expert in the field, but I know what works for me.

Blue Creek Knives actually started out as Blue Creek Sharpening here in Carmel, IN. I started sharpening and restoring knives in 2019 as a business, but it was a hobby long before the first lockdown. I've used nearly all the commercially available sharpening systems, oils, protectants, waxes, and other knife care related products. I don't sell all these products, but here's the list of what I use and links to buy.

  • Ballistol: This is a great all around CLP product (cleans, lubricates, preserves.) This is my go to spray for a quick wipe down on knives I don't use on food. I don't carry this, but you can pickup on Amazon
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: This is the way. Spray some 
    Ballistol on the blade and wipe it down with a Magic Eraser. Tape gunk gone. I don't sell this, but It's easy to find online. 
  • Knife Shield: It's food safe, cleans, and protects. What's not to love? It's a little thicker formula than the Ballistol. 
  • Flitz Polish: If I need to get some minor scratches out of a blade this is where I'm starting. It won't get deep scratches so don't waste your time. Put some Flitz polish on a 3000 grit piece of sandpaper and get to work.  
  • Mineral Oil: You can get this anywhere. It's food safe and restores wood handles very effectively. It also darkens up dry micarta.
  • Renaissance Wax: Put this on wood, micarta, or bone then buff it off. It really helps protect natural scales and puts a nice shiny finish on. 
  • Knife Pivot Lube: This is a oil designed for knives. Oil around bearing, washers, or joints. Adding just a few dots will really help break in a knife nicely.  

Caring for a knife isn't really too difficult. I wipe mine down with some sort of CLP after I put it away for the night. This is very important if you work near salt water or in the hot and humid South. The type of steel is an important factor too. We'll touch on that later.

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