About Us


My name is Bryan and I'm the owner of Blue Creek Knives. That's my dog Wags. In addition to running Blue Creek Knives, I work full time as a firefighter, paramedic, EMS educator, and public safety scuba diver. I also enjoy collecting and restoring vintage knives, backpacking, and spending time with my family. 

I started Blue Creek Sharpening in 2020 during the first lockdown. Everyone was cooking at home and I saw the need for a sharpening service in my area that delivered. The business took off and we still sharpen locally for multiple hardware stores, butcher shops, and residential clients.

One year while returning from family vacation, I visited a world renowned knife store and was underwhelmed by the staff's knowledge of knife basics and overall customer service of the business. That visit inspired me to combine my lifelong love of knives and my busy sharpening shop into the company that is now Blue Creek Knives.

Thank you for browsing my collection of new, used, vintage, and rare knives. I've spent countless hours sourcing these items and value great customer service with every transaction. I'm not amazon. I don't have robots. I don't do a trillion dollars in revenue. I'm simply knowledgable about knives and love finding unique products to share with you.