Blue Creek Knives Proxy Service

knife proxy service

Proxy Services 

We know our International customers love knives just as much we do!

Blue Creek Knives now offers international mail forwarding of knives and other EDC gear. Check out this article for the countries we forward to.

Our rates are $5.99 per package delivered to us, plus the current shipping rate, and applicable taxes/duties to your country. You can combine as many packages as you'd like in your shipment home. 

We ship knives internationally every day and know the best way to navigate the details of customs and import duties.

All items will be opened to verify contents. A receipt must be included in the package or emailed to Blue Creek Knives. Knives and EDC gear only please. 

Send items to:

[Your Name]
c/o Blue Creek FWD
PO Box 90079
Indianapolis, IN 46290

Contact us here to setup billing and let us know how many items you'd like before sending them to you.