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Divo Knives

Divo Knives | Mash | Sold Out

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The Mash from Divo Knives drops on January 6th, 2023, at 2 pm EST. This is not a preorder. The Mash is the first exclusive from Blue Creek Knives. 

  • 14C28N blade in either satin or black wash (reverse tux.)
  • Steel liner lock 
  • Shallow hollow grind
  • Reversible wire clip, designed to fit the Lynch NW standard wire replacement clip
  • 3.3" Total blade length
  • 3.21" Cutting edge
  • Titanium handle
  • 7.5" Overall length
  • 3.8 oz Total weight
  • 0.11" Blade stock along spine
  • 1.1" Blade height
  • 0.47" Handle thickness
  • 0.96" Handle height
  • Opening method: hole only
  • OEM by Kubey
  • Bearing size: 5mm x 1/16th
  • Sezzle is available on this and all items at Blue Creek Knives! Please set up an account before the drop to ensure a smooth checkout. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Divo Mash

I was one of the lucky few who were able to get a Divo Mash and I couldn’t be happier! It completely sold out in under five minutes! It probably took me about 44 seconds to place my order and secure one! The website was great and I didn’t notice any problems or issues during checkout. That’s very important especially when 7000+ people are all trying their luck at snagging a Divo Mash or other knives. I love my Divo Mash! I got it in reverse tuxedo and it arrived pristine! Shoutout to Grumpy Grunt for his help in QC! My Mash is perfect! Overall, one of my all time favorite purchases! Blue Creek Knives shipped it out almost immediately and was extremely quick and professional with everything! I highly recommend BCK for your next purchase! Bryan has been super helpful and extremely generous! Support those who support the community! I will absolutely shop with Bryan and BCK in the future and I know I will always have the best experience possible! I know you will too!

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Michael Czenkus

Absolute stunner of a knife. It’s been in my pocket since the day I got it! Hydraulic smooth action. Gorgeous looks.

Love the mash,

The Mash is the 2nd Divo knife I own. I love the size and shape of the mash. The size of the knife is great for my edc, I don’t like smaller, larger knives take up too much room. I like 14c28n steel, it’s easier to sharpen that most of the super steels, takes a wicked sharp edge. The knife simply feels good in my had. You couldn’t ask for better customer service than Blue Creek, and Kev at Divo knife is customer focused.

Mashes the competition!

Only just recieved my knife the other day after a delivery address mixup which was resolved smoothly but in the few short days of having this knife it has quickly become my best budget territory knife since my cheapest knife prior to this was We Banter and only knife under 200 that compares is the Maxace Black mirror which comes with m390 full ti and very similar size and at 150ish that knife was my best bang for buck knife ever but other than a budget steel this knife is actually better feeling in hand and def a better action as its fot a nice firm detent which I like and it's just a solid performance in every category. It may not dethrone the Black mirror but I can say it will prob get carried more just because theres something about an affordable solid feeling titanium knife that makes me want to put it to work . Plus although I've never used this steel before I no it will be much easier to sharpen then m390 so it will be more a reason to use it and just not care . Really hope to see a premium version of this down the line. Oh and I don't like wire clips but it just works so good I cant really complain. Blue creek is a solid seller with fantastic customer service and whenever they have a knife I'm looking for I'll be sure to give them my buisnes as I prefer supporting smaller dealers whenever possibly. Well done also Divo it's my first knife of yours that really spoke to me other than the premium Growler which I'll be getting whenever that comes to furwishion also.

Old Lefty

Excellent knife, great edc , best value!!!