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Kizer Cutlery

Kizer Cutlery | Drop Bear | Black + 154CM

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154CM Blade 

The material of the Drop Bear is 154CM. 154CM Steel Blade delivers excellent edge retention, and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for heavy cutting applications. The top of the blade is designed to be non-slip, and the shape of the blade is also perfect.

Aluminum Handle

The handle material used is aluminum alloy. It is comfortable and neutral meaning amenable to any kind of grip. In addition, we have a black holding clip at the handle.

Featured Design

  • A small hole is designed at the tail, which can be hung with a rope, which is convenient to carry.

  • Unique Lock Type. We designed an Clutch lock for this Drop Bear. It is our first Clutch lock knife in Kizer. The Clutch lock is designed at the handle, with a unique appearance and high safety in use.

  • A new type of crossbar locking system. It's not only a locking mechanism but a set of systems that for one purpose, the Action customized for you and you only. The Clutch lock system includes the Clutch bar, adjustable Gemini Spring system, and DED system.

  • The Clutch bar is the lock bar that locks the knife and the one you pull to unlock the knife. 

  • The Gemini Spring system is designed with two omega springs and 5 holes on each side of the handle liners. That doesn't mean the Gemini Spring system has only 5 levels to adjust but five times five to be 25 customize options! You could pick the strongest level for the thumb side and the third level for the weaker index finger on the other side. Twins but on a different level that's why we call it the Gemini Spring system.

  •  The DED system is short for the D-shape easy disassembling system which is the most important part of the whole locking system since the easy disassembly simplifies the adjustment of the springs.


  • Model: Drop Bear

  • Model Number: V3619C1

  • Overall Length: 7.15"/182mm

  • Designer: Azo

  • Opener: Thumb Stud

  • Blade Style: Drop Point

  • Blade Length: 2.97"/76mm

  • Blade Thickness: 0.11"/2.8mm

  • Blade Material: 154CM

  • Handle Length: 4.17"/106mm

  • Handle Material: Aluminum

  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up

  • Weight: 3.68oz./104g

  • Frame/Liner: Stainless Steel

  • Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark C.
Cool knife

First kizer blade. Solid lockup, no play I find myself picking it up to fidget with anytime I’m around the house. Kinda addicting/therapeutic. Personally not something I would carry but I had no intention of using this as an edc when I purchased. I do wish it was a little sharper at that price point but not a big deal. Overall good little knife, happy with my purchase. Whether it’s a kizer or another brand, I will order from Blue
Creek Knives again!

Love this Drop bear!

Nothing bad to say about this knife, love Blue Creek Knives service as well

Sweet knife

All around I love this knife. It has a nice heft to it while still being light. The clutch lock is great and feels very solid. It’s the perfect size for my L to XL hands. The blackout look with purple studs is sweet too. My only minor gripe is the sound when opening and closing. It sounds a little hollow? Maybe it’s the bearings and I’m used to washers. Not a big deal but it throws me off when I’ve carried my Bugout the day before.

Brandon Kotzian
Love It!

Super fast shipping. Packed nicely and with a suprise inside. 1990 pack of Fleer baseball cards! Thanks for making me feel like a kid for a few moments.....and the knife is pretty awesome also.

Great knife.

Great knife. Feels great. lil heavier than most aluminum scales, but feels nice in the hand. The ability to adjust the tension spring on the lock seals the deal.