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QSP | Penguin Framelock | Black Frag Ti & 154CM

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  • Mechanism :  Ceramic ball bearings
  • Name: Penguin
  • Item number: QS130-OFRG
  • Blade: 154CM, black stone wash
  • Handle: Titanium Frag, black, stonewashed
  • Lock: Frame lock
  • Mechanism: Ceramic ball bearing
  • Overall: 7.06''(180mm)
  • Closed:4.00''(102mm)
  • Blade: 3.06''(78mm)
  • Blade thickness: +/-3.0mm
  • HRC: 58-60
  • Net weight: +/-90g (3.18oz)

Customer Reviews

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Sean Shutler
It’s a nice knife, but not the friendliest of ergos for lefties…

The knife itself is very nice. I love the details in the frag Ti, and the blade is quality, tight, sharp, and even. My one issue is that it’s not very ergonomic for lefties, particularly the thumb stud. I can reverse flick it, but thumb flicking is my preferred method of deployment, and the cutout for the thumb stud on the lock bar end is not as deep (to allow for more thumb jumping on the lock) but the thumb stud need just a pinch more meat on it to easily catch with my thumb. Overall it’s a nice knife and it’s still very much staying in the collection.