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Vault | Nano | White

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Maker: Vault

Model: Nano



Blade Style:

Opening Method:


Pocket Clip:

Blade Steel:

Overall Length:

Blade Length:

Country of Origin:China

UK Legal: Yes


The Nano is a mini version of the standard vault cases measuring at 7" long x 4.5" wide x 2" tall.  Like all VAULT designs, the inner FLEX panels are modular and removable for easier access to your gear and customization of how you display and carry your items.  The panels also feature a pull tab for easier removal and placement of the mini FLEX Panels.

All cases also feature a patch panel on the top lid so you can really customize the look and feel of your case.  The middle, inner panel serves as a protective divider so your gear doesn't rub or impact during transit.  It also serves as a patch panel to hold any style of velcro patch.  

The Nano can comfortably fit 4 standard-size folders or two large folders (one on each panel).  The loops have a staggered large and small layout using three large straps at the end and middle and smaller loops on the inside to offer the maximum range of carrying flexibility.  

Size: 7" x 4.5" x 2"

Panels: 3 Removable FLEX Panels (two loop panels top and bottom and one middle patch/protective panel).

Colors: Black, Carbon, White Carbon, Orange, Green Carbon, Blue Carbon, Purple Carbon

Features: Panel Pull Tabs, Logo Carry Handle, Logo Rubberized Zippers (2), Velcro Patch panel on top lid.

Capacity: 4 standard folders or 2 large folders.  This is approximate, size of items will affect capacity.